Honey is the Only Food That Doesn’t Take Life

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Raise your hand if you enjoy honey. It’s the delicious food that is produced by bees. It’s sweet, and relatively good for you. It doesn’t spoil and can be used for food and in some medicines. But did you know that it’s also good for the planet in more ways than one? That’s because honey is the only food that doesn’t take some form of life in its production. Before you say that we are wrong, please read on.

Think about this fact carefully. Honey is the only food that is created that doesn’t involve the killing of life. Now, you might be thinking ‘what about milk products?’ Milk does come from a living cow and getting the milk doesn’t involve killing the cow, but the cow eats grass which is a living thing. In fact, every other food that we consume involves to some degree the loss some form of life.

Obviously eating meat results in the death of the animal being consumed. Even vegetarian products, such as grains involve the death, to some extent that is, of the plant or the seed. We have already mentioned that even dairy products are produced with the death of plants, but what about eggs? Well, even the chicken eats insects and grains to create the egg, so that involves taking life. So why is honey so special, surely it involves death at some point in the process?

Why honey is the only food that doesn’t take life

More often than not there are deaths involved in the production cycle of honey. These deaths come about due to the collection process that humans undertake. But even though there are usually deaths involved in this part of the process, throughout the bee production process nothing dies. It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to collect honey without any bee casualties.

As we know, a bee creates honey by collecting pollen. Pollen itself isn’t being killed in the process. The bees use the pollen from plants to make honey that bees, and other animals consume. To actually boost the credentials of honey, bees, in the process of making the food actually help create life by spreading pollen. This spreading of pollen fertilizes plants so that new plants will grow. It’s also the only food that is able to solely sustain life.


honey is the only food


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