Dangerous Insects in the World – How Many Are Bad?

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Dangerous Insects In The World

How many dangerous insects in the world are there? Well, there are a hell of a lot of insects, all of varying sizes, makes and models (feels like I was describing cars there for a moment), but are they all a hazard to humans? No, they are not. Some are actually beneficial to humanity and have no real negative impact on us at all. In fact, there are very few dangerous insects in the world.

We all pretty much know about insects. They are an annoying part of our everyday life. From the dreadfully annoying blowfly to the menace of the picnic, ants, they seem to be everywhere. Some are the things of nightmares, sending a chill down the spine. Some we fear, not because they can kill us, but because we think they can. In fact, very few actually have the ability to cause death, but can deliver one hell of a punch. But how many are bad, and how many, if any, are good?

When we are looking at dangerous insects we are not specifically looking at their ability to cause death. We are looking at the ones that are bad to our existence and provide absolutely no benefit at all. Sure, there are some insects that can cause death and bad stings, but those same insects also aid us.

The honey bee for example can sting us and cause possible death. But they also pollinate plants and produce honey, both which are a benefit. Wasps too can deliver one hell of a sting, but they are the predators of the insect world. They hunt down and consume some of the annoying insects for us, so are also a benefit. Scorpions and ants are also the same as wasps. They are predators. Without these beneficial insects we would find ourselves surrounded by a pile of rotting corpses, dead plants and swarms of insects. But which ones are a hazard?

Some insects which are of no benefit to us, and are quite dangerous are the blood suckers. Even though we would normally think that the stinging insects would be the worst, the ones that drink blood are by far the most dangerous insects in the world. They provide no benefit to the human population, and by design are deadly, spreading disease at a quicker rate and over a vaster area than humans ever could. Of all of the insects, and all of the animals, the mosquito is the world’s deadliest animal .Also on this dangerous list are fleas and ticks. But one six legged fiend that doesn’t consume blood also makes this list, the locust. Even though it doesn’t suck blood and spread disease, it’s mentioned in the bible many many times for a reason. It can devour entire crops in a few hours, causing famine and disease.

So, you can now see that a dangerous insect doesn’t necessarily have to be one that can kill. Clearly the ones that can kill are also a benefit, we just need to keep our distance from them, and we can both thrive on this planet. But if you’re looking for dangerous insects that can harm us, here’s a list of some of the deadliest.

  1. Hemiptera – kissing bugs. These bugs are one of the blood suckers that feed on mammals. They carry the Chagas Disease that can last for up to 20 years, and is fatal.
  2. Giant Japanese or Asian Hornet. These hornets are called giants for a reason. They can grow up to three inches and contain a deadly toxic venom. Like all hornets they can sting repeatedly, and when they do, the venom can dissolve human flesh.
  3. Siafu (African Ants). You don’t want to be around when these ants come marching by. Why? There can be up to 20 million of them! When they need food they will move the entire colony and devour everything in its path, even suffocating some people.
  4. Locusts. A sub species of the grasshopper, but not as nice. As we already mentioned above, they can consume entire crops within hours and cause famine. No one wants these guys around.
  5. Wasps. Far flung all around the world, these insects normally don’t seek to harm humans, but encroach ion their territory and prepare for trouble. They have a toxic venom that normally only causes localized pain and swelling, but some will suffer from anaphylactic shock, causing some deaths.
  6. Fire ants. Please do not disturb, or you will pay. Normally keeping to themselves, if upset they will attack. Delivering a sting that feels like its burning, a few solitary stings can normally be treated adequately. But if you are unlucky enough to really stir up the nest and they swarm, you’re in trouble and may not survive the encounter.
  7. Bees. Although one of the most useful insects in the world, they can also be a deadly one. Known for their sting, and ability to sting only once (except for the queen bee that can sting repeatedly), they normally only cause a little pain. But the Africanized bee has changed the landscape. When the killer bees are stirred they become aggressive, causing almost certain death if you can not find refuge.
  8. TseTse Fly. An African native, this fly consumes blood and is extremely deadly. It carries the Sleeping Disease which is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. Not bad for a little bug is it? But even this doesn’t compare to what’s coming up.
  9. Fleas. Yeah, your pet has them and they cause an itch. But why do they make this list? Fleas can carry and transmit none other than Bubonic Plague. Even though it’s rare today, it’s still alive! In its heyday the plague was responsible for the absolute decimation of the human population, killing millions. All thanks to a little flea.
  10. The top spot belongs to the mosquito. Who hasn’t swatted one of the annoying little pests? But they are far more than an annoyance. These creatures carry and transmit some of the most horrid diseases in the world. They are directly responsible for the deaths of millions of people every year.


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