How Much Do Feet Sweat

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How Much Do Feet Sweat

Ok, now for a rather stinky subject, and one that some readers may find disturbing. How much do feet sweat? Told you it was a stinky subject, but a question well worth the ask.

Lets face reality for a moment. Your feet stink, right? The smell is caused by bacteria produced while wearing shoes. The bacteria are present because the feet produce sweat while we are wearing shoes and socks, and the moisture is retained to a certain degree. We rarely notice the amount of sweat produced by our feet because the socks do such a good job at collecting it throughout the day. But do you know that despite this magnificent job on part of your socks, your feet actually produce an absolutely amazing amount of sweat?

How much do feet sweat

There’s a very good reason your feet are smelly after a day at work. Your feet have over 500,000 sweat glands and can produce over 500 ml (2 cups) of sweat a day. That’s obviously a magnificent amount, and it does seem fanciful. But pay particular attention to the words used. They “can” produce over 500 ml of sweat a day. Tis would be at the extreme end of sweaty feet, and by no means an example of the average person. But there is a way that you can determine how much your feet sweat, and it’s very easy and relatively inexpensive.

On a hot day put on a pair of gum boots or wrap your feet in plastic wrap without socks on for an hour and see how much sweat your feet can produce in a day. multiply that number by 24 and you will get your result. Another solution is to weigh some socks, put them on, wrap your feet in plastic wrap for an hour, then weigh them or wring them out. The volume of sweat present will show you how much sweat your feet produce in an hour. 

Let us know below if you try it and what your results are


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