Peanuts Are An Ingredient Of Dynamite

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peanuts dynamite

Peanuts in dynamite? Did we really just say that peanuts are an ingredient of dynamite? We sure did, and you shouldn’t fear either. Your teeth won’t be blown off, nor will there be a discharge in your mouth the next time you nibble some nuts. The simple reason for this is that only one product that is extracted from peanuts are used in dynamite.

What a terrible conundrum we are faced with. Peanuts and dynamite. One is a delicious snack, that on its own can be deadly to anyone who has an allergy, the other is used for no other purpose except destruction. You have to begin to wonder, how is it possible that the two could be connected?

How peanuts are in ingredient of dynamite

Peanuts are used in dynamite following a process of extraction. Here is a brief run of the process and how they are used to make the explosive compound. Peanut, like all plants products contain oil. An oil is extracted from peanuts and it is used in the process of making glycerol. Now this is where things begin to get interesting. Glycerol is one of the main ingredient in nitroglycerin. For those who don’t know what nitroglycerin is, it’s an extremely unstable explosive. It’s so unstable that even a jolt from being dropped can cause it to detonate. It’s for this reason that very few people would handle the substance. It was the advent of dynamite that saw nitroglycerin become safe to use. Dynamite is basically a mix of nitroglycerin and diatomaceous earth or other organic materials such as clay or saw dust. It’s these products mixed with nitroglycerin that make dynamite safe to handle. Nitroglycerin is actually the main product in dynamite.

So you can see that, despite a lengthy process, peanuts are indeed one of the ingredients of dynamite.


peanuts dynamite


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