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Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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21. Both shot by southerners. Dubious claim here. Booth was born a northerner, but obviously had close ties, politically, with the south. Oswald was raised in the south, but he didn’t act out of regional allegiance.

22. Lincolns challenger for President was born on 1813, Kennedy’s challenger was born in 1913.Richard Nixon was indeed born in 1913, but there is trouble brewing with Lincoln’s challenger. Lincoln faced three challengers. One adversary was John Breckenridge, who was born in 1821. The next candidate was John Bell, who was born in 1796. His closest candidate was Stephen Douglas, who was born in 1813 does give some credit to this statement. But he did face off against three other men, so the chances were narrowed down somewhat.

23. Both men tried to end the federal reserve. Not true. The federal reserve wasn’t even a part of the landscape when Lincoln was president, so it could never have happened.

While this list of links between president Lincoln and Kennedy has a lot of close connections and coincidences, it should only be viewed that way. As a coincidence. But it is always up to the reader to determine how they view things.

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