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You Can Get High from Lettuce

high from lettuce

The state of euphoria can most often be attained by using illegal drugs such as marijuana, ice and heroin. For those who get high it is a feeling that they love and enjoy. But to get high means that you must first break the law, either by making, distributing or buying illegal drugs. How freaky is this? Did you know that you can get high from lettuce? Well not all lettuce, just certain species of lettuce, and it is legal too.

How can you possibly get high from lettuce?

To get high from lettuce you must first find the species of lettuce that have Lactucarium. Lactucarium is the milky fluid secreted by several species of lettuce, especially the Lactuca virosa kind, which is often referred to as wild lettuce.  Lactucarium is said to provide a mild psychotropic effect similar to opiates. It actually provides an analgesic and sedative effect to the user. The usual way people get high from this wild lettuce is by first extracting the milky fluid, then once it has dried, they smoke it, or you can simply smoke the dried leaves.

The wild lettuce can be found in most regions around the world, from Australia to Southern England and the Sub Continent to North America. It was first used by the ancient Egyptians as an analgesic.

In pharmacology Lactucarium has been used as a sedative by soaking the lettuce leaves in tea. It has also been used as a method to increase breast milk production, however the sedative effects it would have on the infant would be strongly advised against.

While you can get high from the wild lettuce, it is actually poisonous. At least one person has died while attempting to get high.

Needless to say, we advise that you don’t try this at home.



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Mandy Lee Stoft
Jose J Aguilar

I’d say that the cemetery is for people who don’t want to live and/or let other people live in peace. Such as Rapists, thieves and murderers! As long as smoking weed, do what you please and stay away from my family!

Berie Rommel

The most brutal assaults, murders and rapes are committed by perpetrators who are high on weed.

Joshua Konecny


Michael Merry
Chad Kane

Yeah and sometimes they used all their money on weed, they break into people’s homes to steal valuables and sell them just to buy more weed. There really is a limit when using weed.

Brandon Garland

You don’t know fuck all…

Kamran Nawaz

Muhammad Ovais we both have done this crime so many times :3

Berie Rommel

And weed smokers damage their brains so that they can speak nothing but curses.

Forrest Falvey

When you smoke weed and get the munchies 5 out 7 chances you’ll end up eating a baby and saving the rest for later in a ditch.

Forrest Falvey

I think you speak of the drug meth.



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