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The Tenth Us President, John Tyler, Has Two Living Grandsons

Tenth US President John Tyler Has Two Living GrandsonsWhen you think of the early US presidents, say the first 15 or so, most people would think that the closest living descendant would at best chance be a great grandchild, or great great grandchild. But what many people may be surprised to discover is that the tenth US president, John Tyler, has two living grandsons. What makes this so amazing? President John Tyler served from 1841 until 1845, and was 51 when he entered office. But this shouldn’t be too weird, especially considering how late the last civil war widow died. But it a remarkable record nonetheless.

John Tyler is one of the least well known presidents. When many people rank him on a scale of performance in office, he routinely places near to the bottom. But his ranking, and performance for that matter could have something to do with how he came to office. He was the first president not directly elected in his own right to the role of commander in chief.

John Tyler was elected as vice president to William Henry Harrison. When Harrison died early into his term, Tyler took over the reins. This was the first time that a vice president had ever been called upon to replace a deceased president, and many people in congress didn’t exactly know what top do in the situation. Some believed that he should have been acting president, serving only in a care taker role until the next election, and others believed that congress should have been running the show. Tyler, on the other hand, believed that he was president, and enforced his position. But that didn’t help him much. Many people continued to refer to him as vice president or His Accidency. He wasn’t very highly respected.

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