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Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

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Lobsters Aren’t Immortal, Not Even Close

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As a lobster ages and nears their end, they will not be able to molt. This failure to molt is a tell-tale sign that the end is near. In short, they lack metabolic energy to carry out the task. The shell, which continues to become worn and damaged, will become infected with bacteria. This bacteria will eventually infect the lobster and kill them. Sometimes the bacteria will develop into a shell disease and form scar tissue. The scar tissue will bond the shell to the body of the lobster, and molting will become impossible. The shell will then rot on their body, killing the lobster in the process.

So while lobsters aren’t immortal there has not been any successful method for determining their age. Because there are no age rings, or other definitive ways to determine their age, an educated guess is the best that science can do at the moment. It has been suggested that female can live for an average of 54 years, and males for 31 years, which is far from being immortal.


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