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True or False? Experts Claim if You Can Find Your Name You Have an Above Average Functioning Brain

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So, you’ve come across this little gem of a word finder and want to find out more about what it actually means. Well, don’t be overly worried if you weren’t able to find your name at all. It doesn’t mean that your brain doesn’t function as well as others. In fact, it doesn’t really mean anything. Let us explain.

The word finder asks the reader to find your name in the word finding puzzle. It’s often accompanied with a claim that those who can find your name have a higher functioning brain than others. Most people will begin scouring the page looking for their name, be in Robert, Jane or Jill. But lo and behold, it isn’t there, leaving many to feel inadequate and defeated. But then you notice something unusual. You do see a word or two, and it turns out to be your name, spelled exactly that way. Your faith in yourself has been restored.

What do the results mean?

The claim is that these types of puzzles help our brain because it’s not rapidly multitasking. When it’s rapidly multitasking the brain is under stress, and produces a toxic hormone called cortisol into the memory section of the brain. Over time this helps degrade memory retention. This claim has been backed up by several studies that have reported short term memory loss due to cortisol.

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