Do Elephants Stand After Death?

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elephants stand after death

Question. Do elephants stand after death? This is a topic that got my attention after I saw it pop up on an app that I have installed on my phone. At first I thought that it would probably be false, but it was still worth looking into as there could be just that slim chance that it could actually be true. So after hitting good old Google and conducting extensive searches online, I believe that I have finally come up with the answer to the question do elephants stand after death? The answer is, elephants do not stand after death.

As with all factoids that we discover from time to time, we wanted to ensure that we took our time to fully look into it before we included it as a fact or a myth. At one point we were ready to completely discount this fact as a myth, until we found the proof that it was actually true, and we nearly included this myth as a fact until we found out that it was nothing more than hearsay. So as you can see, it’s definitely worth investing the time before we say one way or the other if something is true or not. So what exactly is the basis for this misconception that elephants stand after death?

As you are fully aware, they are a mighty large animal. They are not only tall, but they are also heavy. They have knees that can lock stiff in a similar way that human knees can, and they have four of them. This, I believe, is part of the foundation of why some think that they can actually remain standing after they die. Four legs could offer a degree of stability that two legs can not, even after death. But it’ still a ridiculous idea.

Just think about it for a moment. How many four legged animals have you heard of that remain upright when they kick the bucket? Unless they’re propped up somehow, it doesn’t happen. As simple as that, it doesn’t happen. Even with four sturdy legs, and possibly a trunk to act as a fifth leg of support, it isn’t something that could be easily accomplished. The entire notion relies on the fact that the animal would have to depart this world as calmly as possible on a perfectly flat surface while ensuring that it’s legs are locked in a favorable position. The requirements for this apparent phenomenon to occur are nigh on improbable. And considering how the majority of them die, I doubt that they would even have the energy to remain standing.

But take note. While we failed miserably to find any evidence at all online or in digital books, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. All we are saying is that it is improbable, and as far as we know, has never occurred before. If you are ever unlucky enough to encounter a standing dead elephant, please let us know and provide a few photos as proof that it has actually happened. Until that happens, this will remain in our urban myths category.



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