The Moon Landng Were Faked – Myth

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The Moon Landng Were Faked

As far as crazy conspiracy theories go this has to rank among the most craziest. There is a fairly consistent claim that the moon landings were faked. In fact, some people have gone so far to claim that it was all an elaborate hoax setup by the government. There have been numerous claims that a film crew can be seen in the reflection of helmets, and a cat has even been photo shopped into some photographs. All of these are clearly wrong, and the people making the claims are completely misguided. The reason that the claim that the moon landings were faked is a myth can be explained with the help of science.

Why weren’t the moon landings faked?

This particular myth surrounding the moon landing being faked can be very easily debunked. During Apollo 11, 14 and 15 the astronauts aboard the Lunar lander deployed a series of reflectors. Anyone who has a telescope and laser with enough power can bounce the laser beams off these reflectors and they will return to Earth. This has also been proven on popular television program, Myth Busters.

More recently the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been able to take high resolution images of the six Apollo landing sites. These images can show the descent stages of the landers along with the walking tracks of the astronauts.




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