Tigers Stripes Are On Their Skin

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tigers stripes on their skin


Did you know that the tigers stripes are on the skin? That’s right. One of the most fearsome animals of the jungle has a tattoo of sorts all over its amazing body. But don’t stop here, read on for more about this amazing discovery.

Everyone knows what a tiger is, even toddlers. The mere thought of encountering one in the wild sends shivers down the spine, whether it be by excitement, anticipation or fear. Even in zoos the excitement of seeing a tiger for the first time is amazing. If you are lucky enough to touch one (I have), the fur is lusciously soft and smooth, a pure treat of the senses.

Tigers are unmistakable with their glorious patterns of orange and black stripes (unless they’re albino, in which case they would be black and white stripes). The stripes on the fur help provide camouflage for the predatory big cat. As solitary jungle hunters, the stripes help hide the cat from their prey. But did you know that if a tiger were to lose their fur they will still be able to hide effectively? The reason? The tigers stripes are on their skin.

When you look at a tiger you would think that the stripes are only on their fur. But not just the fur of a tiger has stripes. The stripes are in the skin of the tiger too, and if shaved the pattern will remain. This is fascinating as it shows that the patterns are more than just visual, they are part of each and every individual tiger.

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