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Interesting Olympic Flag Facts

Olympic Flag Facts

Every four years arguable the biggest sporting event takes place. The Olympic games. It’s a spectacular showcase of sporting events, that on any other given day, the majority of us are not even interested in. Despite this fact, not only do we watch it, we enjoy it. But how much do we know about the event? We know that the modern Olympics began in 1896, that it has a lot of sports, and it’s very expensive. But what else? Oh, that’s right. We know about the flag. But how much do we know about the flag of the games? Well, now we are here to fill you in on Olympic flag facts.

Interesting Olympic flag facts

It may seem like a boring thing to want to learn about, but it has some hidden messages. As you know. The flag consists of five colored rings, all interlocking. Believe it or not, this is a symbol in itself. The five rings symbolize the coming together of the five continents, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Antarctica isn’t included because not many people live there, and it’s not really owned by any one country. But what about them being locked together?

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