Posting Rules And Terms And Conditions

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The following sets out the terms and conditions for users posting content. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware and familiar with these rules, terms and conditions at all time

  1. The user guarantees content s their own work
  2. The user will not use copyrighted material and is personally liable for any breach of applicable copyright laws
  3. The user will not make spam posts, either as a post in the website, or on the forum
  4. The user will not provide links to adult, Adult, drug, alcohol or other illegal sources.
  5. The user will not upload malware to the site
  6. reserves the right to delete any user generated content if it is found to breach any of our rules, or is considered to cause offense
  7. reserves the right to ban any user who breaches any of our rules
  8. All posts will be scrutinized prior to publishing and does not guarantee that any user post will be approved
  9. The user will ensure they provide new and original content. The post must not already appear on
  10. The user will, upon approval and publishing on, relinquish all claims to the ownership of he original work

Post contest terms and conditions

From time to time we may hold different contests on Unreal Facts for our users. Below are the conditions

  1. We,, reserve the right to suspend or cancel any contest at any time at our discretion without prior warning or need to notify participants
  2. The winner will be determined by use of our software on our site
  3. In the event of a draw, the tied parties will have their names placed in a hat and drawn from a hat
  4. To participate in the contest, all people who post must be registered users. Failure to do so will result in their post being credited to unreal facts, and their entry being forfeited
  5. The user can enter as many times as they like.
  6. Each entry is counted as one entry only. Multiple posts do not accumulate
  7. Winner will be notified by email
  8. All entries as post submissions will be entered into any future contests. This excludes forum entries. Old forum entries will not b entered into future contests and are only valid for the contest that is running
  9. Unreal Facts reserves the right to extend any contest
  10. We reserve the right to vary the rules, terms and conditions at any time without prior warning or notice
  11. If we require the winner to reply to our email contact, the inner will be given a period of 7 days to respond. If aster 7 days there is o reply email we reserve the right to draw a new winner or declare the contest null and void.

For more terms and conditions of use of our site, or our privacy policy please visit our T&C’s link at the bottom of the page