Smoking Shortens Your wiener

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Smoking Shortens Your wiener

If the other health warnings concerning smoking cigarettes hasn’t deterred you from the habit, perhaps this one will. A study has found that smoking shortens not only your life, but also your wiener. For those who are exceedingly well endowed this won’t pose much of a serious threat, but for the shorter man it can be a real worry.

For the average man, and those of lesser stature, the obvious health warnings should be enough of a reason not to smoke. After all, it causes multiple forms of cancer, heart disease and stroke. But that’s not all it can affect. Along with those deadly health concerns it can also cause impotence, and as we have already said, smoking shortens your wiener. There’s hardly anything worse than a short man that can’t get it up.

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine conducted a study of 200 men who are smokers. It found that on average a man who was a smoker had a wiener that was 1 cm shorter than non smokers. Yowsers! Am I glad I don’t smoke.

This is one of the largest and most thorough studies of the affect of smoking on the male sexual organ ever conducted. It’s believed that cigarette smoke has a similar effect on the wiener as it has on the heart. Smoking damages blood vessels which obstructs the flow of blood. This directly impacts on the elastin which allows a wiener to gain an erection. This is because the additional blood flow to the wiener is what allows it to become erect. Block the flow of blood and erections are more difficult, and the a side effect of that is a shorter wiener.

The researchers couldn’t say how many cigarettes are needed before the damage to the wiener begins. But they did warn that it could also impact on passive smokers. So short men beware.



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