Swearing is Good for Your Health

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swearing good for health

It may go against every moral fiber in your being, but swearing is good for your health. That is of course dependent on the company that you are in when partaking in the colorful language. Say it in front of a terse nun and it most likely isn’t particularly good for your health. However, studies have shown that swearing is good for your health and can also help relieve pain.

A study that was published in NeuroReport journal suggests that there’s a psychological and physical benefit from cursing. In the study a group of volunteers were required to place their hands into an ice cold bucket of water and keep them there for as long as they could. For the duration of the experiment they were permitted to say whatever they wanted. The experiment found that those with the fouler mouths were able to keep their hands in the water for longer periods of time, about 40 seconds longer on average. Not only were they able to keep their hands in the ice cold water longer, but they also reported feeling less pain.

Why is swearing good for your health and why does it reduce pain?

That’s one question the study failed to fully answer, but it did offer some suggestions. One theory that swearing is good for your health is that it accesses a different section of the brain than regular language, a more primitive one. It’s thought that these primitive parts of the brain activate instinctive defensive reflexes that could even help save your life. Psychologist Richard Stephens said of the study 

I would advise people, if they hurt themselves, to swear.



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