Humans With Which Color Hair Have The Most Hairs On Their Heads

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humans with which color hair have the most hairs on their heads

Here’s a question for you? Humans with which color hair have the most hairs on their heads? As we are well aware, people come in a variety of different hair colors. Blondes, brunettes, red hair, and as many aging folk often lament, grey hair. You are probably also aware that different colors also have different thicknesses. So with a limited space to allocate hair, this means that the thicker hair has to be in shorter supply. It makes sense doesn’t it? So which hair is thicker?

This might defy logic at first, especially considering the belief that people with certain hair colors are, well… Not quite as bright as the rest. You know, in a shed full of tools, they aren’t quite the sharpest in there. We are of course talking about blondes. The fairer hair color is a lot thinner than those who are brunettes, but not quite as thin as some with grey hair. Brunettes on the other hand have thick, dense hair that at times can almost resemble thick horses hair. So how do these numbers stack up? Humans with which color hair have the most hairs on their heads?

A blonde will normally have the most hairs, with around 146,000 follicles. That is a significant number, and around 30 percent more than the next most densely covered heads. Next in line come people with black hair, who on average have 110,000 strands of hair. Even though brown hair is technically classed as being brunette, people with brown hair have slightly less strands of hair with 100,000 on average. Finally, red haired people have the least number of hair strands per person with approximately 86,000 follicles on average. That’s nearly half the number of the blondes. So it appears that blondes not only have more fun, they also have more hairs on their head too.



I think you’d be surprised to know that a full head of hair can hold 2 full grown elephants, which is about 12 tons, and one human hair can hold the weight of a travel-sized bottle of shampoo.

The average person has approximately 100,000 strands of hair on their head and the average person grows about 12.5cm (5 inches) a year

The fastest growing hair is on your face. This also applies to women as well, it’s just the hair on women is finer and shorter! The slowest growing hair is pubic hair. The hair on a mans face can grow by 0.4 millimeters per day which might not sound like much, but if it is not cut for 100 days, or about three months, it will be about 40 millimeters long.



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