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The Simpsons Movie: Banned In Burma

Would you believe that The Simpsons movie is banned in ...

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Jim Carrey Turned Down Jack Sparrow In Pirates Of The Caribbean

Jim Carrey, Captain Jack Sparrow? If you ask me, it ...

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Tupac Shakur Was A Ballet Dancer

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When Does The Anus Develop In A Fetus? First Basically

When does the anus develop in a fetus? OK, now ...

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Whipping Boy - Possibly The Worst Job Ever

Whipping boy, it is perhaps the worst job ever to ...

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Blue Eyes Are A Mutation And Have A Common Ancestor

Did you know that all blue eyes are a mutation? ...

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It's Nearly Impossible To Tickle Yourself, Nearly!

Try and tickle yourself, impossible you say? I say not, ...

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Annie Oakley Could Have Killed German Kaiser Wilhelm II

Annie Oakley could have killed German Kaiser Wilhelm II, and ...

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You Can Not Block Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook

This is fun. Did you know that you can not ...

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