IMDB Is One Of The Oldest Websites On The Internet

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imdb oldest website

IMDB is one of the oldest sites on the internet. It’s so old that it even predates the first internet browser.

IMDB is one of those few internet sites that doesn’t need advertising. EVeryone practically knows about it, and would at some time probably paid the site a visit. It’s useful for finding out information about your favorite actor or movie, allowing you to discover what year a film was made, and who played what role in it. But not only that, it also has many little bits of trivia that many would find quite informative. So in short, if you’re into researching anything movie related, it’s your go to site.

So we know that it’s a useful site if you’re perusing for information about movies, but is it true that IMDB is one of the oldest websites in the world? It sure is, and it started way back on October 17th, 1990. To put this into perspective IMDB’s even older than the first web browser which was launched on Christmas day in 1990. But this doesn’t make sense. If the web browser was introduced after IMDB, how could it exist?

IMDB began as a part of USENET group called rec.arts.movies. Col Needham, the co founder of IMDB created a script that allowed people to search the database for movie credits. By 1994 the group had adopted the now familiar IMDB name.

Even though IMDB is one of the oldest websites on the internet, there are a few older than it. The oldest website on the internet is CERN, and the first web browser was called WorldWideWeb, which later changed its name to Nexus to avoid confusion with the WWW of web browsing. Although the take up of the internet was initially slow, by the end of 1993 there were 623 websites online. A respectable number considering how young the world wide web was.

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imdb oldest website


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