Who Is The First Lady If The President Is Not Married?

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The role of the First Lady is really only a ceremonial one. She receives no salary, has no official duties, and was not formally elected to the role. The position of First Lady has gained significance and has also changed over time. The main role of First Lady is to be the hostess of the White House. She organizes and and attends official ceremonies and functions of state with either the President, or in some instances, in his place. But what if the President isn’t married? Who then fills the role of First Lady?

Have you ever wondered this question? Who fulfills the role of First Lady if the President is not married? For example, when the President is a bachelor, widowed or his wife is unable to fulfill the role. The answer is really quite simple. The role of First Lady falls to a female relative or friend of the President. This has been the scenario several times in the past. Some notable First Ladies who were not married to the President at the time include Martha Jefferson Randolph during Jefferson’s presidency, Emily Donelson and Sarah Yorke Jackson during Andrew Jackson’s presidency. In the modern era Chelsea Clinton fulfilled the role of First Lady during her mother, Hilary Clinton’s bid for the US Senate, although the title was not given to Chelsea and Hilary remained the official First Lady.



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