1561 Nuremberg Space Battle

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Perhaps the most famous of all UFO sightings and experiences would be that of the UFO sighting and apparent crash on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, USA on July 7, 1947. On that occasion, what has been described as an unidentified airborne object was observed by several witnesses, and this object crashed. The United States military secured the crash site and the object. The US government has said that the crashed object was an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon. Despite these claims, an ongoing debate as to what it actually was has been ongoing since, with many people claiming it was an alien aircraft that crash landed in Roswell. But it might surprise many to learn that this was not an isolated incident, and it certainly wasn’t the first either. There was one event that has gone down in history as the 1561 Nuremberg space battle.

In the early hours of the morning, around dawn on the 4th of April, 1561, the residents of Nuremberg, Germany were woken to what they described as an aerial battle. This battle consisted of “hundreds of spheres, cylinder and other odd shaped objects” in the dawn sky. Following these objects was a large triangle object and a large crash outside the city. The 1561 Nuremberg space battle event was reported on ten days later in a broadsheet news article. It described the many different objects that were in the sky, and a large tubular object of which many smaller objects emerged from and darted about the dawn sky.

The 1561 Nuremberg celestial event has been interpreted by UFO enthusiasts as a UFO aerial battle while sceptics have dismissed this, referring to Carl Jung’s mid-twentieth-century writings on the subject. Many people put this down natural phenomena such as light diffraction in the atmosphere or light reflecting in clouds. While it is nearly impossible to determine what actually happened that day, whether you think it was an alien battle or a natural phenomenon, it would have been a spectacular sight to see.


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1561 Nuremberg Space Battle


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