Air Conditioning Makes You Fat

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air conditioning makes you fat

Are you aware that air conditioning makes you fat? I’m not kidding, and this now poses as a bit of a conundrum for me. Sure, I enjoy the comfort of a room that has the ideal temperature already preset, but I also enjoy a waistline that isn’t growing. And also living in a region of the world where the temperatures can skyrocket in summer makes the personal problem all that more pressing. What to do? Sweat and be dehydrated and thin, or sit back in a luxuriously cool room while gaining an extra wide girth? You can see my problem, and I bet it’s something that many of you are now wondering yourself. But this does beg the question, how is it that air conditioning makes you fat?

It really has nothing to do with laziness or excessive eating. Many people who diet and exercise can still find it extremely difficult to keep additional weight off their bodies. It all comes down to burning calories, even when you are only sitting about.

When the temperature is fluctuating the body burns more calories than if the ambient temperature is stable. This happens because the body has to adapt its internal temperature to match that of the air temperature surrounding your body. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If the temperature is maintained at an ideally adjusted climate, such as with air conditioning, the body uses less calories to adjust to the temperature. It’s already set and ideal. With the body requiring less calories to maintain the perfect body temperature, the additional energy is stored in the body as fat, making you that extra bit cuddly.

But, before you go running out to remove your recently purchased comfort machine, bear this in mind. While air conditioning makes you fat, the overall impact on your body is very small when compared to dieting or exercise. However, if you are searching for an additional method to shed a few extra pounds or inches from your waistline, try turning off the air conditioner. It won’t be the miracle weight loss cure that you were hoping to find, but it will help you a little, and be good for the environment at the same time.

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