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11 Cool Weather Facts and Figures You’ll Want to Know

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11 cool weather facts and figures that you will want to know, and might just blow your socks off.

I think that we could all agree that the weather has good and bad points. From the beautiful and pristine days that we all enjoy, to the dank and cold dreary inclement weather that we have to endure, it has a lot in store for us. However, most of the time it is pretty consistent, and rarely throws us a curve ball. But when it does it can give us some simply spectacular weather facts and figures.

1 Both Celsius And Fahrenheit Meet At -40 Degrees

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When it comes to temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit are usually worlds apart. But there is a temperature where the two line up perfectly. -40 degrees Celsius is equal to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Speaking of cold things.

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