Vincent Van Gogh Only Sold One Painting In His Lifetime

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Vincent Van Gogh Only Sold One Painting In His Lifetime
The Red Vineyard by Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh sold one painting, only one singl solitary painting during his life. Looking back at it today, it hardly makes any sense at all. Here was an extremely talented artist, world renowned artist, yet he was unable to earn a living selling his masterpieces. But it must also be pointed out that he wasn’t always the highly respected artist that he is today, and his time on earth was only brief. Little respect for his work, and not a lot of time to make an impression means that his opportunities to sell were limited.

Today, Vincent Van Gogh is a highly respected artist. His works are worth millions and can be found as the centerpiece in the most lavish of private collections, or world renowned art galleries. But as we have said, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, Vincent Van Gogh sold one painting while he was alive. What was the painting?

During his lifetime, Van Gogh was a struggling artist. Van Gogh struggled so much in his lifetime that he only sold one painting. The sole painting that Van Gogh sold was The Red Vineyard in Brussels for 400 francs. He sold the painting only months before his death.

It was only after his death at the early age of 37 that his paintings gained recognition and popularity among the art community. Today the painting hangs in Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. Some speculate that if the painting were ever to go to auction the only other painting in the world that might fetch as much as it is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo daVinci. Part of its value is due to its intricate beauty, and the other part is due to the fact that this was the only painting that Vincent Van Goh sold during his lifetime.



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