An 18th Century Ship Was at the World Trade Center Site

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world trade centre ship
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Imagine the surprise. In land, at the site former Twin Towers World Trade Center, workers find a ship. It would have been the very last thing that they would have expected to find at a place of such horror and sadness. But alas, that’s exactly what they found. A ship at the World Trade Center site, and it wasn’t exactly small either.

Back in 2010, while working at the World Trade Center site, workers uncovered something unexpected. It was a 32 foot long ship from the 18th century. Yeah, a ship that was over 200 years old was buried beneath the surface. But, be it a stroke of luck, or a pure fluke, maybe even the luck of the Irish, an archeologist was on site when workers first unearthed some bent timbers that were the first signs of a ship. But that’s not all that the workers found that shouyld not have been on land. Several feet away they also found a 100 pound anchor, but they are unsure if it is from the same ship.

Over several days and weeks a group of workers cleared the old vessel by hand. Delicate care was needed because the hull, and pretty much all of the ship was fragile. But the discovery leaves just one question unanswered. What was the ship doing at the World Trade Center site?

Why was the ship on land and buried at the World Trade Center site? Well, lower Manhattan didn’t always go as far as it does today. Some of it has been built by man. The ship itself was used as fill to extend lower Manhattan into the Hudson River. So basically, it was 18th century trash.


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