Murder Or Suicide

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In 1994 a man tried to commit suicide by jumping off the top of a building. Unknown to him some workers had installed a safety net below them and he would have been unable to succeed in his attempt. However, on the 9th floor an elderly couple were arguing and a shotgun blast was heard and the shot shell struck and killed the man who wanted to commit suicide but would have been unable to because of the net. This would have been a murder by the couple on the 9th floor but now the twist. The elderly couple who were arguing were the mans parents and they didn’t realise the gun was loaded. The son loaded the gun hoping his father would shoot his mother by accident as the gun is never loaded but is often used by his father when his parents are arguing. In the end it was deemed a suicide as the man had loaded the gun in an attempt to cause the death of his mother, but he was the victim.

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