Are Fish Gay And Bisexual?

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 are fish gay

Ok, this may seem like an odd question to ask, and totally off beat, but are fish gay and bisexual? In other words, can or do fish participate in homosexual activities? Well, you might think that homosexuality and Bi-sexuality are human traits, but not exactly. There’s at least on species of fish that is gay, at least some of the time, and the reason for it is, well, pretty weird.

Homosexuality among humans is openly accepted in many Western cultures today. There are many regions around the world where it’s still considered taboo or even illegal, but for many advanced nations it’s something that rarely even makes one turn to look. And really, what’s the problem with it? Love is love right? It does no harm, and it’s far better to be loved for who and what you are instead of what you should be. Many people still argue however that it isn’t natural, and the religious texts forbid it. Well, theology aside, it certainly does appear to be a normal trait among a small portion of the population, and furthermore, there’s a species of fish that appears to be gay, if only for short periods of time.

What fish are gay?

The male in the species of freshwater fish Poecilia mexicana, commonly known as a Molly will engage in homosexual behavior. The molly is a relatively common aquarium fish, and can be purchased for a very small fee, and makes a perfect fish for a community aquarium. One of the most fascinating things about the molly is that it exhibits gay, or at least bisexual tendencies.

Remember we said that the reason for its homosexuality was weird? Well it may be a little like the results of a study of men who watched Adult with many males in them. This fish is gay in a bid to try and copulate with a female! It performs bisexual acts with other male fish to try and woo the female of the species.

We can hardly argue with the technique. If it didn’t work the fish species would be long extinct by now.




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