Did Australia Ban Small Breasts In Adult Entertainment?

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Has Australia placed a ban on small breasts in Adult, for example women with A cups? It’s often listed among some of the strangest laws on the internet, and also the oddest facts, but is it true? Well, not exactly. But as with all rumors, there’s some truth to it.

There have been many many factoids plastering the internet, be it via emails, social networks or even blogs, stating that Australia bans women with small breasts from appearing in Adult, or even any Adult for that matter that has women with typically A size breasts. It seems peculiar to say the least, and even prejudicial to women who can’t help the way they look. But this law in Australia banning Adult with women with small breasts is false, and non existent. But it is based in some part on actual laws.

Adult in Australia is, like in many countries, is regulated. There are laws in place that forbids the production, distribution, sale and exhibition of content with an X rating in all states, but not in the ACT and Northern Territory. While it’s not illegal to posses many types of adult content, some forms are generally illegal. Such types that are banned from even possession include child Adultography. Now who could possibly argue with a law banning child exploitation? There’s no place for it in a civilized society. That’s where this rumor may have originally come from.

In 2000, the federal government introduced new laws on certain types of fetish Adultography. In the process of banning the production, distribution and possession of child Adultography, the government also made it illegal for adults to portray children in these productions. Take special note that we said adults, not women with small breasts.

Small breasts Adult in Australia has not been banned, however, the actress must not be made to appear to be a child under the age of 18 years.



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