In Cleveland Ohio You Need A Hunting Permit To Catch Mice?

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cleveland ohio hunting mice

In Cleveland, Ohio, do you need a hunting permit to catch mice? This also applies to killing them also. Well, all I can say is that with so many dumb laws around the world this certainly seemed possible. But lo and behold, this is one of the odd laws that are often mentioned that are completely and utterly fictitious. It’s a pure myth that in Cleveland Ohio you need a hunting permit to catch mice. Although it’s likely that groups such as PETA would encourage laws that required a permit to exterminate mice, or want the practice outlawed altogether, any such legal requirement would be a joke and broken without hesitation.

The world is full of weird and odd laws that make absolutely no sense. Often, the laws that are actually real are based on the requirements of the day. For instance, one such law in Florida is the law that forbids women from parachuting on a Sunday. It’s sexist and reflected community standards of the time, but is so ridiculous today that it is the butt of several jokes and never enforced. A similar “fact” was circulating about California requiring a permit to catch or kill mice. Just as with Cleveland, it’s not true at all. So where did this myth originate from? Did someone just make it up or is it the result of confusion, or a little bit of truth mixed with reality?

Origin of the law in Cleveland, Ohio requiring a hunting permit to catch mice

In this case the myth stemmed from confusion. Both are based upon a mistaken interpretation of the State laws. The states require tags, which are an addition to a licence, to hunt big game. Hunting of any game needs a yearly permit, but this excludes pests and rodents, which mice are. In both states you do not need a hunting licence to hunt mice. In fact, you are obliged to do your best to eradicate the pests for public health and safety, which makes even more sense than a law forbidding it.


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