Bats Perform Oral Sex

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Lets talk sex. Oral sex to be precise. For those who don’t already know, oral sex is the act of stimulating your partners genitals with your mouth, not talking about it. A lot of couples practice it and it is a part of many relationships. It was always believed that oral sex was only the foray of primates. Bats however, perform oral sex too. It was initially thought that it was only females bats that engaged in this form of sex, but it has now been revealed that both sexes of bats perform oral sex.

A female bat will engage in fellatio with the male prior to sex. If the female does so it usually results in a longer time copulating. Following intercourse it is also common for male bats to perform cunnilingus on the female bat. It is believed that the male performs cunnilingus to remove competitors sperm. The male would also sometimes perform this act before intercourse also.┬áResearchers who conducted the study (that’s right, people got paid to watch bats have sex), found that the longer the female performed fellatio on the male the longer he performed during intercourse. Another interesting point is that bats also seemed to use oral sex in the same fashion as humans by using it as a courtship behavior.

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