The Minimum Drinking Age in England is 5, Some Australian States It’s 0

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minimum drinking age in england

The regulation of alcohol is something that every country has. Some countries have outlawed it completely, while others place restrictions on the age in which you can both purchase alcohol and consume it. Most countries that place an age limit on the purchase or consumption of alcohol have a minimum age of 18 to 21 years. Some countries on the other hand are a little too lenient with the control of alcohol. England and Australia are two such countries. The minimum drinking age in England is only five years old, and some states in Australia stretch it even further.

While the minimum drinking age in England is five, there are still some restrictions about the age of drinking. For example, people aged under 18 are unable to purchase any alcoholic beverage. Another specific regulation is people aged only 16 may drink beer, wine or cider with a meal in a restaurant provided that there is an adult aged over 18 present to purchase the beverage. For a child of only five to be able to drink alcohol they must be in a private residence.

So the minimum drinking age in England is 5, what could it be in Australia? Well if you thought five was bad in England, the states of Victoria and New South Wales in Australia have no minimum age limit in which a person can drink alcohol. A toddler is legally permitted to drink alcohol, provided certain conditions are met.

The case in Victoria and New South Wales is similar to that in England. The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors in every state in Australia, except in Victoria where a minor may purchase alcohol if their parent of guardian is present. They may also drink during a meal, as is the case in England. In New South Wales the sale or supply to minors is strictly prohibited. But here’s the catch. In New South Wales there is no law against minors possessing or drinking alcohol on private premises. It’s just that they legally can’t get their hands on it.




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