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The Biggest Family in the World Has 181 Members

worlds biggest family

Personally I think families are like alcohol. You need to know when to say enough is enough. Sure, both can be great in moderation, but too much of either and things can just get out of hand very quickly, and become messy. So just spare a moment to think about the biggest family in the world, whose members total a mind staggering, or numbing 181. Now if you are thinking that’s not too big for an extended family, it’s not that extended either. It only includes children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, wives and one very silly man who is a glutton for punishment.

Yes. One man has created all this mayhem. Ziona Chana is a man from the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram. He has married 39 women in total, who all share a combined dormitory in his massive house. Mr Chana though, gets a room to himself in which his wives get to take turns in sharing it with him. At his most virile, he actually married ten wives in one year. Talk about insane. One wife is usually enough for most men. Could you possibly imagine the constant nagging from several dozen of them. I sure hope is has difficulty hearing. I will say however, that he is probably one of the most sexed up men in the world who isn’t a porn star. But the numbers get far more massive than just his wives.

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