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Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

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worlds biggest food fight

Do you remember growing up as a child and having a food fight? Although it is without a doubt a messy affair (I sincerely feel sorry for the poor soul that has to clean up the mess), they are a lot of fun. OK, I admit it. As a parent now I wouldn’t encourage my children to participate in such an event, at least not at home. But in saying that, I have been known to throw the odd piece of mashed potato at my partner for fun, and the fire was returned. But these are only small time affairs, and relegated to the family dinner table. Even the biggest food fight in a school cafeteria or playground doesn’t even come close to the worlds biggest food fight.

The worlds biggest food fight was started by accident, and has now become a yearly event. Held annually in Spain, it’s an event that you really must put on your travel itinerary, even just to be a spectator, and not a participant. What’s the name of the worlds biggest food fight? La¬†Tomatina.

The La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain in held every year in August and involves the throwing of approximately 68,000 kg or 150,000 lb of over ripe tomatoes. But how did it start? It began in 1944 when the local carnival was marred with the trowing of the tomatoes. The following year the idea caught on and now the carnival is just a side piece.

It does seem like a little bit of a waste of food, but surely the fun and excitement if worth the waste and mess. Not to mention what the cleaning bill must be like. Ouch!


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