Iran Made The World’s Biggest Ostrich sandwich, But The Proof Was Eaten Before it Could Be Measured

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iran ostrich sandwich

Guinness World Record fail coming right up. Iran made the world’s biggest ostrich sandwich, but before it could be measured, it was eaten. I mean there are some pretty funny things that can happen when setting a record, but eating the evidence has to be one of the funniest things that I have ever heard of. It really does sound like it came out of the fiction section of the library, this really happened, and was extensively reported on at the time.

Of all the countries in the world there are a few that I would not really think capable of setting, nor even willing to create immature records. You know, I can understand it when countries reach for the sky, building ever taller sky scrapers. They are a little more permanent than something edible. Not only are they there and visible, but a little degree of prestige goes with the title. Then there are the records that defy logic, like the fattest woman or fattest man. There are interesting records, like the tallest and shortest people, and the fastest and smartest. And there are also the freaks, who do all kinds of weird things with their bodies and hobbies. Finally there are the food freaks. Those are the ones who risk life, and someone else’s limbs, to eat food, or create a huge waste by making the biggest of something that has ever been made, which is exactly what the organizers in Iran tried to do.

In 2008 in Iran, around 1500 cooks spent two days cooking and stuffing ostrich meat into what was going to be the world’s largest sandwich. Overall, the sandwich had 1,000kg (2,200lbs) of cooked ostrich meat in it, and it measured a whopping 1,500m (4,920ft) long. Now that’s a huge lunchtime meal, and it was set on display in a park in the capital of Iran, Tehran. But the organizers failed to take one thing into account. Not the weather or pests. The eager onlookers.

As the Guinness officials were measuring the sandwich, which would most probably have entered the book as the biggest yet made, a Reuters reporter witnessed onlookers making an unplanned rush on the monstrosity. Within minutes the entire sandwich had been devoured, and the Guinness officials were left looking a little dumbfounded. They had witnessed the massive ostrich sandwich, and even started to measure it. But before the final task to ensure its place in the record books could be completed, the crowd had eaten the evidence.

The Event organizers hoped that the video evidence, of which there were dozens of, would help ensure its place in the record book.


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