Single Women Can’t Parachute On Sundays In Florida

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single women can't parachute on sundays in florida

Well what can we say about this? At first glance you must admit it is rather sexist. The law in Florida makes it illegal for single women to parachute on Sundays, but does not mention single men. If it did you could perhaps argue that is a little fairer. Why does Florida have a law that says single women can’t parachute on Sundays?

This law preventing women from parachuting on Sundays was enacted many years ago, in a time when America was trying to preserve and bring morals into America. Even though it is still on the official books, it is never enforced and most people don’t know about it or the other weird and strange laws in Florida. We said most people don’t know about the law, not all.

One of the only groups that know about law preventing single women from skydiving on a Sunday, and the other bizarre laws in Florida are lawyers. They will occasionally use them as a form of defense if they have a weak case.

The other group that knows about them are the politicians. While the laws are still valid no one acts to enforce them, so there is no point repealing them. To do so would take an acct of congress, and the effort isn’t justified.

Apart from not permitting single women to parachute on Sundays they also have law a law that says if you leave your elephant in fron of a parking meter it can still be ticketed. And as if this next one needs a law. Common sense surely would prevail first. There is a law against having sex with a porcupine?!?

How do you think these laws compare to the law in Kentucky that bans carrying ice cream in your back pocket?



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