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Can Stars Collide?

Can Stars Collide

Can stars collide? In this vast universe, and even in our own back yard, the Milky Way, there an almost infinite number of stars. All these stars are actually suns like our own. Some are very much smaller, while some are massively larger, dwarfing our own sun in their shadow. But even though there are billions upon billions of stars in the universe, the distance between them is usually massive. This would mean that the death of a star by impact would be s near impossibility. Or is it?

We more often hear about the death of a star coming about through old age. They basically consume all of their resources and whither away. Sometimes they will go supernova and explode. But that’s not the only way a star can meet its end. In a form of cosmic hunting, stars can even be devoured by black holes, the true hidden monsters of the universe. Then there’s the collisions between stars.

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