Why Cats Bring You Dead Animals

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If you have a cat as a pet you would know this problem well. You are inside and minding your own business when your cat brings you a dead animal. Eeew, right? Why would your cat bring you a dead, or near dead animal? There are a few different reasons for their behavior.

Cats are natural born hunters. Hunting is pure instinct and can not be trained out of cats. Even cats that have been hand raised from kittens will posses this natural instinct. Going along with the natural instinct of hunting is the dreaded gift giving of dead animals from their hunts. While it might disgust most of us, to a cat it makes perfect sense.

Answer one as to why cats bring you dead animals

Showing off. Cats are keen hunters, and at times they like to show off their abilities to you. Very much like a child who is proud of their achievement and wants to show off, a cat will behave the same way.

Answer two

Reciprocation. You feed your cat, so by bringing you dead animals as a gift they are returning the favor.

Answer three

Your cat is caring for you. This is especially true for female cats. If you are seen by your cat as part of its people, it will take care of you as if you were its kitten.

Answer four

This is really cool. In the eyes of your cat you are completely useless as a hunter and need to brush up on your hunting skills. By bringing you dead animals, as their mother would have, your cat can hopefully teach you how to hunt and fend for yourself.

If you are thinking you will be able to stop your cat from hunting, think again. As we said above, it is instinct, and instinct is something that you can not train out of your cat.



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