Grumpy Cats Real Name Is Tardar Sauce

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grumpy cat real name

Have you ever wondered what Grumpy cats real name is, and what makes the famous cat appear to be so grumpy? Well we can tell you that the real name of Grumpy Cat is not Grumpy Cat at all, it is Tardar Sauce. She got that name from her original orangish coloring. 

Grumpy Cat has become an internet celebrity in only a few short years. The journey from humble beginnings as the pet of Tabatha Bundesen to an internet mogul was meteoric. In 2012 her owners brother posted a picture on social network site Reddit, and it quickly went viral. Within hours people all around the world were converting the picture into a meme, and it turned out to be one of the most popular meme templates ever created. Her life of being a simple cat was pretty well over. She was a celebrity.

Well now you know what her name is, how she became famous, so what about that look? The look that you get from your parents when you are naughty. Well Grumpy Cats isn’t intentional, and it isn’t a specific breed of cat either. According to her owners it is a combination of two defects. One of them is feline dwarfism, and the other is a fairly pronounced under bite. Those two conditions combined give her the tell tale look of being less than impressed with the world.

As we have said, the look is the result of a mutation. According to Tabatha Bundesen, her brother is a normal looking cat, and both of her parents were normal too. Grumpy cat is also smaller than normal (the dwarfism), and her hind legs are awkwardly different looking.

Despite the look, she spends 99 percent of her time behaving just like a normal cat does. The other one percent of her life is spent modelling for photos. She has also made several other media appearances and a film is even being planned based on her.


grumpy cat real name


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