How Did The Chuck Norris Facts Start?

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We have just talked about how Chuck Norris likes the Chuck Norris facts. Do you know how they started though? It seems as though they just started to popup one day. The truth of how they began may surprise you as they originally had nothing to do with Chuck Norris.
In March, 2005 a Vin Diesel movie was released called The Pacifier. It was about a Navy SEAL who turned baby sitter. The idea for the film seemed so ridiculous that a discussion on the SomethingAwful forums called “Post Your Vin Diesel Facts” started. A man by the name of Ian Spector saw these and decided to make a website dedicated to Vin Diesel facts where the facts already presented could be stored and users could upload more. On its first day the website recieved 20,000 hits.
After a while the Vin Diesel facts lost their draw, and by the summer of 2005 Spector decided to ask people to vote for candidates for the next fact generator. They got to choose from 12 candidates, but Chuck Norris was not one of the choices offered. However, if the users wanted to they could nominate their own choice. Nominating their own person was no guarantee of acceptance as it was a poll, and if your candidate wasn’t on the poll what chance would you have of winning?
What happened next surprised everyone. The emails started rolling in, but not for the nominees. The person who got the most votes was never nominated, and the users had all independently voted for Chuck Norris, who won by a landslide.

What’s your favourite Chuck Norris fact? Share them with everyone in the comments below and have some fun. If you remember seeing any Vin Diesel facts please feel free to share them with us.



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