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Statistics Prove the Scariest Movie Ever Made in History is the Shining

scariest movie ever

What is the scariest movie ever made in history? You might have a personal favorite, but science has not only determined which horror film is king, but also the most spine chilling scene. Disappointingly the most terrifying scene isn’t a part of the most frightful film, but it is a part of one of the most horrifying films made to date. So which movie do you think will take out the top prize? Read on to discover the top scene, film, and how it was determined.

When it comes to horror flicks it’s generally a situation of each to their own. What may scare the crap out of you, might not be so terrifying to others. It’s a personal case by case thing. But then again, external emotions can be hidden from others, especially if one is trying to keep up appearances. Whether or not some movies are scary hasn’t deterred the movie industry from trying to create new ways to keep us from sleeping at night. And I’ll admit, some attempts are just utterly ridiculous. Not only do they fail to be scary, they also fail to be entertaining.

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Harvey Tinzell

What an interesting standard, pulse rates. But of course, Nicholson’s character Torrance is a scary character by himself.