Coca-Cola Had A Oral sex (Oral Sex) Poster

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coca-cola oral sex oral sex poster

It may seem unbelievable at first, but Coca-Cola really did have an advertising poster that depicted oral sex (oral sex). Now don’t be thinking that Coke did this on purpose, or that it was a pure accidental fluke. The image was placed in the poster on purpose.

In the mid 1980’s Coca-Cola in Australia was promoting the return of the original curved bottle. The slogan for the return of the bottle was “Feel the curves.” Part of the promotion was $200,000 being spent on posters for the advertising campaign. The posters were mass produced and sent around the country to every vending machine, store, super market, and were even placed on the sides of trucks. The message was out. But during production, printing and placement, not a single person noticed the hidden image of a woman performing oral sex next to a bottle of Coca-Cola Coke.

When Coca-Cola started the campaign they enlisted the help of a graphic artist. The artist hid a picture of a woman about to perform oral sex in a piece of ice next to the coke bottle. He did it as a joke, and no one saw it, not until it was too late.

The campaign was well and truly underway when a woman noticed the sneaky little oral sex image on a Coca-Cola truck. She reported it and the advertising campaign was quickly removed.

Needless to say this cost Coca-Cola a lot of money and caused significant embarrassment. The artist was sacked and sued.

What very few people know about this poster campaign was that on the posters that were hung from the walls there was a different slogan on the reverse side. Being viewed from both sides when hung from a wall, the slogan Coke used for the reverse was “Taste the difference.” These two slogans along with the picture of a woman performing oral sex (oral sex) on Coca-Cola posters was clearly not the best marketing campaign ever.



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