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Piggy Banks Get Their Name from Clay

piggy banks get their name

I still recall the very first piggy bank that I ever got. It was a cheap little plastic container shaped like a pig that I could put a few cents into from time to time. As I grew up, it filled up, and before long I could spend the money that I had managed to save. But as we do, I lost mine, and had to get a new one, which meant that I had to spend some of the money that I had saved. Luckily enough for me, my school teacher at the time got us to make a new one out of a balloon and paper mache. Once again, it ended up being shaped like a pig. Even at this young age it got me thinking. Why shape a money box like a pig, and why call it a piggy bank? It’s a really stupid thing to call something that you put money into. But ignorantly happy that I was saving money in an artificial animal, it wasn’t until very recently that I discovered that piggy banks get their name from clay. What? That’s what I thought, but we will explain further.

How is it that piggy banks get their name from clay, when pigs are an animal, and clay is well, clay? Well, we know and get to experience the evolution of language all of the time, and this is where they got their name from, not the animal at all.

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