Percentage Of Insects On Earth Compared To Every Other Animal

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percentage of insects on earth

Do you know what the percentage of insects on earth is compared to every other animal? You probably won’t be surprised to know that we are severely outnumbered. Like seriously out numbered. But it’s not only us that are outnumbered. The percentage of insects on earth compared to every other animal is about eighty percent!

Admit it. Insects creep you out. There are numerous numbers of them and they invade just about every aspect of our lives. They can enter our houses, eat our food, and even consume our blood. To some people, even the mere sight of them is enough to make them quiver with fear. But I really can’t blame you either. The deadliest animals on the face of this planet, excluding bacteria and viruses of course, are insects. They are truly the monsters of our drams, and they are everywhere, and in high numbers too. So why such a high number?

Why are the percentage of insects on earth so high?

Even though some insects live for years, for the majority of insects, they have an extremely short life span. With a short life comes a much faster reproductive cycle. As some insects can reproduce within several weeks, and produce dozens of offspring when they do, the numbers can quickly escalate. But fast reproduction is not the only reason that we are outnumbered by insects. They are extremely versatile.

Another reason why the percentage of insects on earth is so high is that they are extremely versatile and can adapt to different environments, no matter how extreme. Insects can be found not only on land, but also in water. While the vast majority of them prefer tropical climates, mainly due to them being cold blooded animals, they can range from pole to pole, encompassing every climate on Earth. They can live in the arctic regions, freezing solid before thawing out again, right to the warm tropics, where they can thrive and dominate the landscape.


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