The Most Dangerous Zoo Animal Is A Zebra

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most dangerous zoo animal zebra

The most dangerous zoo animal is a  zebra. This is not a prank joke to fool you, and once you learn why the zebra is the most dangerous zoo animal it will all begin to make sense. But it does seem totally illogical that an animal that closely resembles the domesticated horse could be just so hazardous, especially when compared to other fearsome creatures of the worlds jungles.

There are plenty of animals in this world that are dangerous. Not only do they look and sound dangerous, but they also have the temper to match. Many, if not all of these dangerous animals are actually also kept in zoos around the world for exhibition. But the one that causes the most injuries to handlers is also the one that would appear to be one of the more placid, at least from the inexperienced spectator that is.

Just looking at fearsome animals many would identify the big cats, such as lions and tigers as pretty scary and dangerous. But there are also the big animals of the world, elephants, hippos and rhinos. Lets not forget the reptiles either, snakes, both pythons and venomous, and crocodiles. The world, and zoos for that matter are bountiful in creatures that could just snuff one of us out in a heartbeat. Yet no matter how bad rear these aforementioned animals are, they are no match for the zebra. So why is it that the zebra is the most dangerous animal in a zoo?

It comes down to their temperament. They are just naturally cranky little bastards, and this is the reason that they have never been domesticated. But not only are they cranky, they are built for fighting, which just suits their mood. They have chisel shaped incisors, built perfectly for fighting, and their hoofs are incredibly sharp, capable of killing another zebra with just one solitary kick. Like a perfectly manufactured tank, they are built for battle, and if you are in their sights, you better have an exit strategy.

Okay, I know, I know. Lions, cheetahs, hyenas and other carnivores hunt, kill and eat zebras all of the time in Africa. They can’t be that bad if this happens. While this is true, many of the animals that hunt can be tamed to a certain extent in captivity. That’s the reason that the cats have been used in circuses for centuries. They can become predictable. This also goes for other animals, even the ones that can’t be tamed at all, like reptiles. Those animals are predictable, and harm can usually be avoided by steering clear of their environment. Zebras on the other hand are difficult.

Zebras are so dangerous in zoos that they are responsible for more injuries to zoo keepers than any other animal.


most dangerous zoo animal zebra


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