Eating Snot is Good for You and Boosts the Immune System

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Eating Snot Is Good For YouEating snot is good for you and actually boosts your immune system. As disgusting as it may sound to eat snot, it does have its benefits.

Why eating snot is good for you

Think of the nose as the filter of your body. Breathing in through your nose filters many of the natural, and unnatural contaminants in the air. In pretty much the same way as it is thought that consuming this bodily fluid can help prevent morning sickness, eating the contaminated snot gives your body’s immune system a natural boost. It works basically the same way as immunisations do.

The idea that eating snot is good for you appeared in a book by British television presenter Stefan Gates. In the book he stated that 44 percent of adults polled admitted to picking their nose and eating it. Not only did those 44 percent say that they did it, but they also liked it.

In his book, Gates argues that the human body is built to eat snot. He argues that nasal mucus is normally swallowed after being moved inside by the motion of the cilia.

Don’t be thinking that this idea is bogus because a television presenter has promoted the idea in a book. Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist at a private clinic in Austria supports the theory that eating snot is good for you and beneficial to the immune system.

If this topic has made you rather squeamish, the reality is that we all swallow the nasal mucus through the nasal passage down the throat.



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