You Can Get a Nutmeg High

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nutmeg highWanna be stoners, we have some unbelievable news. It’s possible to get a nutmeg high. That’s right, the popular addition to most spice racks can deliver an hallucinogenic high when consumed in large doses. The hallucinogenic effects from nutmeg have been said to be similar to Marijuana. But hold up for just a few seconds more before you try to get a nutmeg high. We have some more information that is really worth reading first.

This may be one of the few ways to get a legal high, the same as lettuce, but is it really worth it? Some of the common side effects include nausea, paranoia, dizziness, cottonmouth, difficulty urinating and a flu like hangover. Now if all of those side effects don’t dissuade you from trying nutmeg, perhaps this will. Apart from having to consume copious amounts of the spice and its disastrous side effects, the hallucinogenic “benefits” are delayed by up to six hours. It would be similar to starting your Friday evening happy hour drinks only two hours into a days work and waiting for the happy time to come at the end of the day. It’s not exactly convenient. If we still haven’t convinced you not to try it, just try eating some by itself. In a recipe it can add to the flavor, but alone it’s not exactly pleasant.

If you can get a nutmeg high why isn’t it illegal?

If after reading the above information you no longer have any urge to try it out, but are worried about your stash being confiscated by authorities, fear not. The likelihood of police or drug enforcement agencies raiding your kitchen spice rack and charging you for drug possession is about as likely as Justin Bieber being a genuinely nice person. We’re basically saying that it’s not going to happen. Why? It’s a really dumb way to get high, simple as that. But not only is it about the worst way imaginable to get stoned, its common use in kitchens the world over would make it an almost impossible drug to enforce.




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