Napoleon Was Attacked by Rabbits, and Lost

napoleon attacked rabbits

Napoleon Bonaparte was attacked by a pack of rabbits. No, don’t laugh, it actually happened. Not only was Napoleon attacked by rabbits, but it happened when he was the most powerful man in the world. But if you think the French president and general of the army being attacked by rabbits is funny, wait until you see how this encounter ended.

The bunny rabbit. Cute, adorable, fluffy balls of cuddly fun, oh, and ever so delicious. Their reputation is more akin to a cuddly and harmless child’s teddy bear than a pack of Wild flesh-eating piranha. In fact, they are more likely to scamper away when approached in the wild then to attack. Don’t get me wrong, if you catch one in the wild it’s not going to roll over and capitulate like the French did in World War 2. They will fight. But we have to keep their fight in perspective. I mean, it won’t exactly being Mike Tyson fighting, but if they’re given a chance they might scratch and bite your ear. So given their cuteness and lack of ninja fighting skills, why on earth would they attack Napoleon Bonaparte, at the time the world’s most powerful man?

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