How Strong Is Stomach Acid

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How Strong Stomach Acid

Do you know how strong stomach acid is? This will blow you away.

Have you ever suffered from acid reflux? As my wife so eloquently puts it, it’s a bitch. It burns and causes a great deal of discomfort. If left untreated for extended periods of time it can cause significant health issues, even lesions and possibly cell mutations. But the most immediate problem most people recognize is the burning sensation. This same burning feeling can also be felt when you vomit, and everyone has had the displeasure of experiencing that.  There’s a very good reason for the burning feeling in the throat after vomiting or when suffering from acid reflux. The stomach acid is very strong.

How strong is stomach acid?

Did you know that the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve small pieces of metal such as razor blades and staples? The moment any object reaches the insides of your stomach they begin to be dissolved. That goes for meat, fruit and vegetables too. But is the stomach acid is so strong why doesn’t it eat your stomach away?

Even though stomach acid is extremely strong it won’t result in your impending death from self consumption. Why? Because the cells in your stomach lining renew themselves every 3 to 4 days, giving you a new lining. So even though the acid does break down the lining of your stomach, your body protects you from serious damage by creating a brand new lining about twice a week.

Acid reflux by the way is a result of the stomach acid rising into your esophagus, somewhere it shouldn’t be. If left untreated it can result in serious medical conditions.




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