Pockets That Are Sewn Shut when You Buy Them Are Meant to Be Used

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Have you ever found that when you buy some items of clothing, such as jackets or pants, that the pockets are sewn shut when you buy them? If you have, and the chances are that you have, what did you think? Did you think to yourself, are these just for show, or how weird? I bet that you were thinking something for certain. Why would anyone waste time and materials to give the impression that something is there, but isn’t?

Well prepare for a little surprise. Did you know that the pockets that are sewn shut when you buy them are there to be used. Not just visually used with your eyes as art is. They are there to be physically used as with any other pocket on any ordinary piece of clothing. Now I know that I have you thinking. Would you like an explanation?

When you buy clothing it is always on display for you to try. This can pose some problems for selling the piece of clothing. For instance, some people, well a lot of people have a tendency to place their hands into pockets. This can make the clothing appear used and untidy. By sewing the pockets closed, the manufacturers can ship the clothing and ensure they stay in pristine condition while they are on display. In short, pockets are for the owner only, and they are not the town bike. But what if you want to use them?

Fear not. If you want to use the pockets that are sewn closed all you have to do is cut them open once you have purchased the item. That’s what they are designed to do after all. You can do this with a seam ripper of small nail cutter. Sometimes the store will offer to do the small job for you.

But if you want to leave the pockets sewn shut after you have bought them you certainly can. There isn’t any steadfast rule saying what you have to do with your own merchandise. But leaving them closed would be akin to buying a new phone and leaving it in the box.


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