It Is Illegal To Kill A Sasquatch Or Bigfoot In Some Washington Counties

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it is illegal to kill a sasquatch or bigfoot

OK, so this sounds really weird, but once you get down into it, it actually makes a bit of sense. It is illegal to kill a Sasquatch or Bigfoot in some regions of America. Like it’s seriously illegal, even though there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that the creature exists. That’s apart from the always grainy or blurry images that appear from time to time on film. Yep, always poor quality vision despite massive improvements in the quality of video recording equipment over the years. So why it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch or Bigfoot, and does the outright ban extend to other yet to be proven creatures such as the unicorn, leprechaun, or maybe even a fairy?

There are two counties in Washington state that have outlawed the killing of the mythical human like being. One is Skamania County which has had a local ordinance in place against prematurely shortening its life expectancy since 1969. The other county is Whatcom County, which passed a resolution in 1992. So why exactly did they bring these peculiar laws into existence? Did someone in a position of authority just happen to miss the part about yet to be proven to exist, or is there a better explanation?

As stupid as these laws sound, they actually make a lot of sense. Imagine for a moment is the Sasquatch was real, really real, and someone shot and killed one. If it did exist it would make it an endangered species, and killing one would make it just that little bit more endangered. Environmental preservation is just part of these local ordinances. But even though this does make perfect sense, it’s little use if the creature doesn’t exist. That’s why the second reason is even more important.

As we know, sightings of Bigfoot are as frequent, maybe even more so these days than a sighting of Elvis. And we have already touched on the subject of how there is a complete lack of =decent video recordings of the animal in the wild, partly because people can’t get close enough for better quality. Now replace a camera lens with that of a rifle scope. There’s the possibility  of a clearer image to the rifleman, but with it comes the added danger of a catastrophic disaster if the target isn’t the Bigfoot. What could it be if it isn’t Bigfoot? What do you think?

That’s right. If the thing being hunted isn’t Bigfoot, it’s likely to be a person. Imagine being a person with a little more body hair than the average person, and deciding to go for a frolic without your top on in the woods, when bang, some asshole thinks you are a damn Sasquatch and shoots you. That’s a little public safety issue right there, don’t you think? By the two counties making it illegal to kill a Sasquatch or Bigfoot they are potentially saving someones life.


is it illegal to kill a sasquatch in bc


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